Sunday, January 25, 2009

fifth book read

Title- Judy Blume Inggie's House
pages read-20
Author-Judy Blume
Summary-Judy's best friend ,Iggie, moves away and she is very sad. Her parents say it is okay there are new neighbours coming. When they come , Judy is shocked they are negros she says......

Friday, January 23, 2009


Author-Peter Lerangis
Summary-The Abracadabra club is the best magic club in the town. They usually go to a theme park to do their magic tricks. But then the theme park is ruined because all the machines are spoilt. They want to fix it but another magic club starts and then they want to stop them. Then both always try to beat each other by having more audience. Later the park goes more spoilt. Then later when the new club does their tricks they do it wrong . Then the Abracadabra club does their tricks and every body likes it. They also find out the theme park is getting spoilt because the new club had been breaking the parts and taking the to use the a wands. The Abracadabra club was the best again!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

fourth book read

TITLE-Hey L'il D!
AUTHOR-Bob Laner and Heather Goodyear
SUMMARY-L'il D and his friends have fun playing basketball in school, while recess. But then Brooks and his gang take over that court. L'il D and his friends don't want to play with them so then, they play off the court. But then that was no fun. L'il D's dad ,Dit, is a great player in basketball. So L'il D goes to watch his dad play and learn more tricks. Later L'il D and his friends go tell the teacher that Brooks was teasing them and always lied. After that the teacher talked to Brooks and their punishment was that they wern't allowed to play on the court for one month. Now L'il D and his friends started playing aagain!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Second book!!!

TITLE-Nancy Drew On the pathways of Ireland , The danger is all downhill!
Pages read- The whole book 151 pages.
Author-Carolyn Keene
Summary- Nancy and her friends Bess and George go to Ireland for a cycling trip. Nancy is a dectective but she is taking a break on this trip. There were many people and there were these sisters. Their father was the owner of a famous newspaper company but they never tell anyone that . Nancy found that out herself. These Australian Sisters are in trouble !!Somebody is trying to hurt them. Many incidents happen because of that. The sisters get in to a fuss and one of them cycles on without the other. Then the person who wanted to hurt them kidnapped her.This guy wanted to take revenge to his father because their father kicked him out of the newspaper company. Nancy and the police find the bad person and he goes to jail. Once again Nancy solves the case.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goosebumps finished

Goose bumps The werewolf of fever swamp
pages in the book are 123.
Grady's father says that the werewolf is the dog but then Grady says it is not and tells the dog to run away into the swamp.That night Grady hears the howling again and goes outside. Then he sees Will,a friend which he made, and both explore together. When they were in the swamp Will jumped on him and bit Grady. Will was the Werewolf! Grady ran towards his house and lost Will. The next morning he told his dad everything and then they were able to keep the dog. But now Grady was the werewolf because Will had bit him.So now Grady felt good that he was the were wolf cause he could roam around with no harm~!

Monday, December 29, 2008

book summary

TITLE-Goosebumps-The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp
Pages Read-77
Summary-Grady and his family moved to a camp place . There he and his sister came went to the fever camp and found a scary man. They returned home for bed and they heard howls . The next morning there was a dog outside . They thought of adopting it. Then later grady makes a friend and both go and try to fine that scary man again. They saw him with blood on his shirt and close by them there was a dead bird.